Quick Review of Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Available

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  • 07 Aug, 2017
Long-Term Care Insurance - Quincy IL

An In-Depth Look at the Diverse Types of Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Available

Long-term care insurance is essential to ensuring you and your continued stability in the event on a life-changing health event, like a cardiovascular event or loss of memory. As explained by AARP , different types of long-term care insurance resident policies may cover different services, and you need to understand their key differences to make sure you have the right policy for your long-term care needs.

Nursing Home Coverage for Long-Term Care Insurance for Quincy IL Residents

The most common type of long-term care insurance is used for nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. This covers around-the-clock care, including both custodial care and medical care. However, some policies may only cover specific portions of nursing home services. For example, some policies may not cover rehabilitation services unless directly related to a new health event.

Assisted Living May Be Covered by Some Policies

Assisted living is comparable to both skilled nursing living and independent living. People receiving assisted living services may live in apartment-style units with individualized services, like medication delivery and administration or even meal preparation and delivery.

Adult Day Care Services May Be Available

Adult day care services refer to programs outside your residence that aid adults in need of help during the day. These programs may be available for those with intellectual disability, physical disabilities, or other health problems. However, the level of care does not rise to the around-the-clock and managed level of services in the aforementioned types of care.

Home Care or Home Modification Can Help People Stay Independent

Home care and home modification are types of long-term care insurance designed to help people continue living independently or in their own homes after an event occurs. Home care may involve the assignment of medical staff to periodically check on the person receiving services, including conducting health care assessments as necessary. Meanwhile, home modification may be covered if hand rails, grab bars, or ramps are installed to prevent falls and ensure independent, safe living.

Long-Term Care Coordination and Case Management May Be Necessary

Depending on what caused a person to need long-term care services, long-term care coordination and managed care may be necessary.

For example, managed care by a case manager may help individuals living with chronic illnesses secure funding and transportation to and from physician’s appointments, get their medications, and complete any necessary paperwork for insurance claim filings. Some health insurance policies may cover case management, but it is important to check for exclusions listed within your policy before making any assumptions.

Remember Exclusions Can Be Part of Any Long-Term Care Policy

Comparable to other insurance forms, any long-term care policy may be subject to limitations and exclusions. Even those with existing long-term care policies should review their documentation for exclusions, and if multiple exclusions and limitations exist, it may be worth it to revisit your long-term care insurance options with an experienced insurer.

In fact, the professional staff at Winters Insurance Group can help you determine if your existing coverage is right for you and select a policy based on your needs. To learn more about today’s long-term care insurance policies available, including buy-up options for existing policyholders, contact Winters Insurance Group online today.

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