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By interactive 07 Aug, 2017

Long-term care insurance is essential to ensuring you and your continued stability in the event on a life-changing health event, like a cardiovascular event or loss of memory. As explained by AARP , different types of long-term care insurance resident policies may cover different services, and you need to understand their key differences to make sure you have the right policy for your long-term care needs.

By interactive 06 Jul, 2017

Have you ever though of how you would support yourself in the event of an injury?  With the average worker having an almost one in four chance of being disabled before 67, the topic of disability is worthy of discussion. For example: Let's say a person who makes $50 grand a year loses ten years of work due to an injury. Ten years of work lost roughly equals out to half a million dollars (which doesn't include money spent on medical expenses). So considering the financial effects of an injury or illness, setting yourself up with disability insurance is the best way to prevent your world from turning upside down after an unforeseen circumstance. Here's a look at some of the disability insurance plans that could apply to you.

By interactive 19 Jun, 2017

Supplemental Health insurance coverage has been available for centuries, but many do not understand how it works and how each plan can affect the individual under care. With this being said, we're going to break down some of the different health insurance coverage programs here at Winters that are available to you (and possibly your family).

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