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Disability Insurance Plans for Consideration

There's a wide range of disability plans that Winters Insurance can easily provide insurance for your needs. Such plans are:

State Workers' Compensation Insurance - Employers who meet an employment quota can provide short-term benefits in the event that one of their workers become disabled by an accident or illness at work. The workers pay nothing for this assistance. Benefits include a percentage of their salary (for a limited time) and medical care that is related to the accident.

To qualify for this insurance, the accident or illness must take place at the place of employment and it must receive recognition/evaluation from the state before approval. However, the rules and guidelines of state workers' compensation insurance vary by state. In addition to this, many worker compensation cases tend to fall through the cracks.

Social Security Disability Insurance - Social security offers two different programs that remain unrelated to retirement. SSDI is known as a safety net for workers in a position whereas they can no longer work and SSI covers individuals who have been disabled from a young age.

In order to collect SSDI, you must be unable to perform work whatsoever. For example: If one worked in construction, suffered a serious injury/illness, but can still work in another occupation, they cannot apply for SSDI. The payouts for SSDI are fairly small and they don't take into account how much money you used to make prior to the accident. The SSDI benefits can also be reduced if you are receiving workers' compensation.

Workplace Private Disability Insurance - This type of insurance is broken down into two different types: long-term and short-term.

Short-term plans often require you to be disabled for at least eight to fifteen days before benefits can be received.

Long-term plans usually take at least three to six months before you receive benefits, but many individuals add additional coverage in their long-term plans to cover financial holes left (due to being unable to work).

Private Workplace Plans - Private workplace plans are provided when companies allow insurers into their business and sell disability packages at group rates. These plans do not benefit the company and they may be useful if the premiums are low and the coverage is good.

Association Policies - Association policies are often offered through groups or professional associations. These are plans that must be purchased at one's own discretion and professional organizations, clubs, and unions may offer them for a cheaper group rates.

Private Individual Coverage - Private individual coverage plans are the most expensive plan for disability insurance. However, it might be what you need to get enough coverage in the event of an accident or illness.

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